Uraima Segura - Owner

U Beauty Bar: Passion and Excellence in Every Detail.

At U Beauty Bar, we redefine the beauty experience. Founded by Uraima Segura, whose passion in her love for beauty care and dedication to customer service, our salon stands as a beacon of excellence. Uraima Segura’s enthusiasm for beauty and commitment to delivering the best through top professionals sets us apart.


We strive to go beyond traditional beauty services. Our focus is on creating an environment where clients feel pampered, valued, and understood, reflecting our founder’s vision of a service that resonates with each client’s personal beauty journey.

Your Invitation to Experience U Beauty Bar

Join us at U Beauty Bar for an experience where personalized attention and exceptional service are the norm. Whether you’re seeking rejuvenation, transformation, or simply a moment to unwind, find your haven of beauty and personalized care here.